Wednesday, May 22, 2019

TALE Award Winners

Dr. Jeff Brunskill
On April 29th, Dr. James Krause, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President, hosted the Provost's Awards Dinner which included Teaching and Learning Enhancement Center (TALE) awards.  At that dinner, Dr. Jeff Brunskill was awarded one of three "Tale Outstanding Teacher Awards". Dr. Jeff Brunskill is an associate professor of Meteorology and GIS in the College of Science and Technology.  The faculty were nominated by graduating seniors and selected by a committee of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement (TALE) Center for 2018-2019.

Dr. Jeff Brunskill’s nominees describe him as “knowledgeable,” “meticulous,” “with a reputation as difficult but great.” One nominee credited Dr. Brunskill for acquiring a skill set proving essential for their first job in the field that encouraged inquisitiveness. The rigor that Dr. Brunskill maintains in all of his classes is a theme repeated across nominations, and his ability to push them to improve leads him to tailor his teaching to students’ needs. Dr. Brunskill’s demanding nature is softened by his wit, respect for his students, availability, and willingness to mentor students. He demands no less from himself by seeking feedback from students on his teaching effectiveness and ensuring that he is up-to date on the evolving technology in GPS and mapping. Finally, Dr. Brunskill is applauded for the career advice that he gives students.

In addition, Dr. Debra Minzola, assistant professor in the nursing department, was recognized with a "Tale Teacher Scholar Award".  Dr. Jennifer Haney, assistant professor in the EGGS department and Dr. Abby Hare-Harris, assistant professor of Biological and Allied Heath Sciences, were awarded "Tale New and Junior Awards".

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