Monday, May 13, 2019

COST Grant Recipients

The following  grants were awarded to COST faculty by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education  (PASSHE) Faculty Professional Development Council.  Bloomsburg University faculty received 9 of the 48 awards given.  The following are the recipients from COST.

Lauri Green, BAHS: "Differences in the nest success and foraging behavior of Tree Swallows (Tachycienta bicolor) across natural and artificial wetland sites", $9999

Angela Hess, BAHS: "Connecting human melanoma tumor cell plasticity with resistance to the clinically relevant drugs: vemurafenib, dabrafenib, and trametinib", $8000

John Hranitz, BAHS: "Faculty Research and Development of Insect Pollen Load DNA Analysis Techniques to Investigate Plant-Pollinator Interactions", $9578 

Ellen Kehres and Co-PI Michael Borland, Chemistry and Biochemistry: "Evaluating Selenium Replacement within a PPARB/D Activator Towards the Development of Novel Malignant Melanoma Therapeutics", $10,000

Philip Osburn, Chemistry and Biochemistry: "Catalytic alchemy: coaxing platinum-level rewards from Earth-abundant base metals", $10,000

Mohsin Shaikh and Co-PI Shelley Scarpino, Communication Sciences and Disorders: "Contralateral Suppression of Stimulus Frequency Otoacoustic Emissions in Children with Language Impairment", $9967

Adrian Van Rythoven, EGGS: "Establishment of an Introductory Field Course Situated in the Black Hills", $6438

The following Research and Scholarship Grants were awarded to COST faculty from the Bloomsburg University Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for the Spring 2019 cycle. 

Cindy Surmacz and co-applicant John Hranitz, BAHS : "Assessing Sublethal Stress in Honey Bees Exposed to "Bee-friendly" Neoniciotinoid Pesticides", $3500

Kristen Brubaker, BAHS: "Expression study of acute alcohol tolerance-associated genes jwa and hangover in Apis mellifera (Western honey bee)", $2680

Lauri Green, BAHS: "Differences in the foraging and reproductive success of Tree Swallows (Tachycienta bicolor) across natural and artificial wetlands", $3132

Jennifer Venditti-Roadarmel, BAHS: "Evaluating alpha-L-fucosidase Activity and its Potential Role in Reproduction Using Zebrafish (Danio rerio)", $3500

Daniel McCurry, Chemistry and Biochemistry: "High Surface Area Electrodes for Interrogation of Droplet Microfluidics", $10,000

Erik Larsen, Chemistry and Biochemistry: "Synthesis and Design of Novel Enzyme Probes for Mycobacterial Hydrolases", $10,000

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