Monday, June 12, 2017

The Glacier - EGGS 211 Trip to Norway

Today, May 28th, we climbed a glacier. We traveled about 45 minutes on curving winding, bumpy roads to get a to a Viking-helmet-shaped building, where inside there was a cute store and a restaurant that served lamb pizza along with many other Norwegian delicacies. From the restaurant, the glacier that we were about to climb looked small -- which we soon would learn was a trick of the eye. After we finished eating we got back in the car and traveled down a short road to where we met our climbing guides. There they fit us for spikes to go over our shoes and give us a pick axe for safety. We then hiked an hour across rocky terrain, rapid waters, and Norwegian shrubbery, before arriving at the glacier which was, in reality, huge. Here we received harnesses and were roped together. With our guide up in front and the rest of us strapped together we start our journey upwards on the glacier. The temperature dropped and the hike was steep. The climb to the top was about an hour and once up there the view was beautiful. Then it was time to go back down. The way down was a little scary but our guide, using her pick axe, made steps for us in the ice to walk down comfortably. Once we get back from the glacier the feeling of accomplishment and amazement sinks in and the eight of us will have a unique memory that will last forever.
~ Madeline Murtin

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