Friday, June 16, 2017

EGGS 211 Norway - Røros

Breakfast in Røros

Dusting of snow in Røros
When we awoke in Røros and got ready we were given a free breakfast from our hotel. This was our first traditional Norwegian breakfast. There was a lot of lunch meat including ham and salami. But perhaps what was the most unique was the liver pate that you can eat alone or on a slice of bread. While this sounds disgusting for breakfast, it actually wasn't too bad. What stuck out to me was what is now one of my most favorite types of cheese. In Norway, this is simply known as brunøst or brown cheese. It is sweet and fairly fatty and creamy. It is excellent on a slice of bread or on a waffle. A waffle with brunøst and jam is now one of my favorite snacks. After breakfast we went to the Røros copper mine. Røros is unlike most of Norway; it has a barren landscape and feels much like some areas around Bloomsburg. This is due to the presence of the copper mine which operated for about 300 years. Within the town exist mounds of tailings, or the waste product from the smelting process which extracts the copper. In a way, it looks a lot like a coal mining town from around Bloomsburg such as Ashland. After the mine museum, we went for lunch at a pub in the main town. The streets are surprisingly nice for a mining town and there were plenty of smalls shops along the street to find a nice souvenir. After exploring the town more, we found a stray soccer ball on the field next to our hotel and many of us ended our day by kicking around the ball and enjoying the landscape. While this stop in the trip was brief, it was certainly a memorable experience and one of the most unique towns in Norway.
~Ryan Sullivan
Buildings in Røros

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