Friday, June 9, 2017

Lofoten Hike - EGGS 211 Trip to Norway

Norway is a country of never-ending beauty but also never-ending sunlight. I woke up at 3 am to yellow rays radiating in the room, blinding me as I opened my eyes. The midnight sun is a phenomenon in northern Norway due to the tilt and rotation of the earth around the sun during this time of year. The day continued with a hike around the coast where we saw countless sheep sun bathing on the rocks. Our view was the turquoise waters of the Arctic Ocean, and a backdrop of snowy covered mountains. The beach looked like the Caribbean with a sandy coast and small waves crashing on the land. Three of our classmates were brave enough to dive into the freezing water. One of them actually submerged himself three times. Maybe the numbness from the first jump made the following two a breeze. I on the other hand was satisfied with just touching the water with my fingers. We ended our time at the beach with pictures before heading back to our cabins for our last night in Lofoten.
~Lauren Levengood

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