Thursday, January 9, 2020

Students Present at American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention

Six students from the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders recently presented papers at the 2019 American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in Orlando, FL.  The students were Cecelia Campanile (AuD 3rd year Student), Kylie Connell (AuD 3rd year Student), Miranda Mikelson (AuD 2nd year Student), Jamie Daigle (AuD 2nd year Student), Kimberly Winn (AuD 1st year Student) and Monica Amarante (B.S. 3rd year Student). Faculty member coauthors were Dr. Thomas Zalewski, Dr. Mohsin Ahmed Shaikh, and Dr. Dong Zhang.

Jamie Daigle, Miranda Mikelson, and Dr. Shaikh’s poster, “ANSI: A Necessity in Standardizing Hearing Instruments” was recognized as a Meritorious Poster by the Convention Program Committee as showing extraordinary, exceptional and innovative work. 

Hearing Handicap and Auditory Processing Disorder Relationship in Elderly Individuals by Cecelia Campanile, Dr. Zalewski and Dr. Zhang.

Tinnitus Diagnostic & Intervention Services Provided by Pennsylvania Audiologists by Monica Amarante, Kimberly Winn, and Dr. Zalewski.

Ear Asymmetry in Adaptation to Noise in Speech Recognition by Kylie Connell, Dr. Shaikh, and Dr. Zhang.

Laterality in Speech Perception in Noise Ability & Contralateral Suppression of Otoacoustic Emissions by Dr. Shaikh, Kylie Connell, and Dr. Zhang.

 The ASHA convention is the largest gathering of speech-language pathologists and audiologists in the country.


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