Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Recent publication and presentations

Jennifer Haney, assistant professor of EGGS and John Bodenman, professor of EGGS, published a paper entitled, "Creating Markets for Recyclable Materials: The Case of Municipal Solid Waste in Haiti" in Middle States Geographer.

Rebecca Bourgault, assistant professor EGGS, published a paper entitled, "Determination of Primary Mineral Content and Calcium Sources in Forest Soils using Electron Probe Microanalysis Mapping and Cluster Analysis", in the Soil Science Society of America journal.  This work was a collaboration with scientists from USDA Forest Service, University of Vermont, University of Massachusetts and Stockton University.

Sean Hartzell, instructor of BAHS, published a paper entitled, "A salamander survey of the Turkey Hill Oxbow, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, with comparison to historic records from an institutional collection" in Bios.

Mehdi Razzaghi, professor of MADS, published a paper entitled, "Bayesian Model Averaging for Benchmark Dose Analysisin Developmental Toxicology", in Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences.  This work was a collaboration with the University of Bahrain.

Michael Shepard, professor of EGGS, published a paper, "The bidirectional and directional hemispheric reflectance of Apollo 11 and 16 soils: Laboratory and diviner measurements" in Icarus. This work was a collaboration with researchers at the University of California, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Arizona.

Diane Barrett, associate professor of MADS, published a paper, "Cloud Based Evidence Acquisitions in Digital Forensic Education", in the Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference.  This paper was also selected to receive a Distinguished Paper Award.

Karl Kapp, professor of Instructional Technology, published a book entitled, "Microlearning: Short and Sweet" with a MSIT graduate Robyn Defelice.

Pamela Cook and Rebecca Toothaker, assistant professors of Nursing, recently published a paper, "Nursing Students' Perceptions of Just Culture in Nursing Programs" in Nurse Educator. This was a fourteen school multi-site study.

Kyle Beyer, assistant professor of Exercise Science, had an abstract published in the Mid Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine conference proceedings entitled, "Positional Difference in Linear Momentum During Vertical Jump in Division II College Football Players".  This work was completed by multiple exercise science graduate students.

Mindi Miller, professor of Nursing, contributed to a book chapter published in The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing: A Core Curriculum. The book contains 25 chapters of content and was compiled and reviewed by 66 experts in the field.

Kelly Dauber, assistant professor of Exercise Science, recently gave a talk entitled, "Ace the Face to Face: Communicating with Generation Z" at the Social and Emotional Learning in Health and Physical Education Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Kim Olszewski, associate professor of nursing, recently gave a podium presentations at the American Association of Occupational Health Professional National Conference, the National Safety Council 2019 Congress & Expo, and the Florida State Occupational Health Nurse State Conference.

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