Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Haney Receives Center for Rural Pennsylvania Grant

Dr. Jennifer Haney, assistant professor of EGGS, has been awarded a $49,356 grant from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.  Her proposal, An Examination of Recycling Programs in Rural Pennsylvania 2010-2018, is designed to answer a number of questions concerning economic and environmental issues impacting recycling programs in rural Pennsylvania.

As stated in Haney’s proposal, “The primary objective of this project is to determine the status of recycling services and programs offered to counties in rural Pennsylvania and needs of the recycling industry in rural Pennsylvania, and specifically, how the industry’s needs have changed from 2010-2018, focusing on the implications of these changes for the industry’s future in rural Pennsylvania.” 

Recycling programs across the United States are struggling to adjust to restrictions on imports and contamination set forth by China’s 2018 ban on 24 categories of solid waste.  Single-stream recycling, which many US recycling companies utilized, is now creating recycling waste that there is no market for.   Many rural areas, in particular, are not prepared for these sudden changes.

Dr. Haney’s research project has four primary goals.

  • Better understand the geographic extent and availability of recycling programs and services offered to residents in rural counties in Pennsylvana
  • Describe modifications to recycling programs and services to rural residents over time and the factors responsible for such changes 
  • Document changes in residential municipal solid waste (MSW) generation by weight (total tons) and recyclable materials, respectively, in rural counties compared to urban counties  in Pennsylvania   
  • Evaluate population attributes and associated changes by counties in Pennsylvania utilizing secondary data sources

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