Sunday, November 3, 2019

Environmental Science Learning Community Students Visit Butterfly Farm

Shown from left: David Folk, Esteban Castillo, Hudson Smith, Courtney Hale,
Lacie Pichler, Dr. Lauri Green, Brielle Hunt, and Kiersten Dunk
On October 12, the Environmental Science Learning Community volunteered at Folks Butterfly Farm in Nescopeck.The site was selected by biology faculty member Lauri Green because butterflies provide important ecosystem services for people (namely pollination) and are indicators of environmental health.

The BU group helped David Folk plant more than 200 nectar sources and host plants in the shape of a butterfly. Foll hopes to recruit many native butterflies to his site.  After working for 2.5 hours, Folk educated the group about breeding and maintaining butterflies. He taught about what each species eats, their larval development and growth, general ecology of the species, how he keeps the site free of pathogens and his plans for the future.
Hudson Smith digging a hole

Kiersten Dunk planting

Esteban Castillo planting

Lacie Pichler using a microscope to inspect for parasites

Brielle Hunt with a chrysalis

Courtney Hale washing butterfly eggs (to clean them of parasites)

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