Friday, November 15, 2019

22nd Annual High School Math Contest

Dr. Calhoun deals a "Game of 24"

The 22nd Annual High School Math Contest was held on Nov 12, 2019 with 168 students from 18 schools attending.  The annual competition is sponsored by the Mathematics and Digital Sciences Department (MADS) and the COST Dean's office and organized by Dr. Lisa Lister, associate professor of MADS.  This popular competition consists of three different categories or games.

The "Quiz Bowl" is a timed head to head match up between 2 teams.  The teams with the highest scores advance to the next round.  The "Brainteasers" game involves brainteasers in a test-like format and the scores of individual players are combined for an overall team score.  The "Game of 24" involves a dealer who deals out four cards from a standard deck. The teams must try to get the number 24 through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of the numbers on the cards.

The following are the winning teams for all three categories.  
Quiz Bowl: 
First - Parkland Team 1
Second - Emmaus Team 1
Third - Carlisle Team 1
Fourth - Central Mountain Team 3

Brain Teasers: 
First - Emmaus Team 1
Second - Parkland Team 1
Third - Pottsville Team 1
Fourth - Parkland Team 2

Game of 24 Points:
First - Emmaus Team 1
Second - Central Team 1
Third - Berwick Team 1
Fourth - Millville Team 1

Pottsville Team 1

Berwick Team 1

Carlisle Team 1

Central Mountain Team 3

Millville Team 1

Emmaus Team 1

Central Team 1


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