Monday, April 22, 2019

Hawk Mountain Field Trip

Students from four EGGS and BAHS programs visited Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, in Kempton, PA on April 19th; which ended up being the best day for migratory raptor sightings thus far this season. The count of raptors seen from the North Lookout sight was 162 individuals across ten species; including a juvenile eagle and multiple kestrels (a species on the decline in the United States).

Quite likely the most globally-networked raptor sanctuary in the world, the 2,600 acre site offers on-site environmental education, leadership and team building programs, and volunteer stewardship opportunities. Their Acopian Center for Conservation fosters young and seasoned researchers alike through their international trainee and field biology activities (reaching as far as the Arctic).

Bloomsburg University students specifically learned about raptor migration patterns, biology and identification, while being exposed to research methods including trapping, banding, telemetry and mapping. During the day, Hawk Mountain employees were sure to point out each potential associated career, and ways in which those careers could be obtained through education, networking, trainee and internship programs, and volunteer opportunities.

We thank Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, and specifically educators Jamie Dawson and Andrea Ambrose, for a fantastic day!

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