Monday, November 26, 2018

Students present at the 13th annual Susquehanna River Symposium

Research students from the labs of Steven Rier, professor of Biological and Allied Health Sciences (BAHS) and Laurie Green, assistant professor of BAHS, recently presented at the 13th annual Susquehanna River Symposium at Bucknell University.  
 Jennifer Soohy (M.S. student) presented an oral presentation entitled 
"A survey of algal productivity and nutrient concentrations across a land-use gradient using pulse-amplitude modulated (PAM) fluorometry as a rapid assessment and measure of ecosystem function on a spatial and temporal scale”.  
Emily Ashberry (M.S. student) presented a poster titled "Understanding the environmental context of algal priming of coarse particulate organic matter decomposition in streams”
Aaron Gordon-Weaver (M.S. student) presented a poster titled "Polyphosphate storage dynamics across a gradient of phosphorous enrichment
Victoria Roper (M.S. student) and coauthors Amanda Aulenbach (B.S. biology student) and Ben Paul (M.S. student) presented a poster titled "Aerial insectivore response to acid mine drainage in Pennsylvania streams” .  This poster won the prize for best poster given by a graduate student.
Victoria Roper
Emily Ashberry

Aaron Gordon

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