Monday, June 17, 2019

Physics Student Presents Research

Dario D'Amato (poster presenter), Andrew Clickard, and Dr. John Huckans

Dario D'Amato, sophomore physics major in the honors program, recently presented his research at the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical American Physical Society (DAMOP) 2019 conference in Milwaukee, WI.  At the conference, Dario presented his research "A Tunable ECDL at 480 nm for Rb-87 Rydbery Physics" to many interested conference attenders.  Dario also was awarded a DAMOP student travel grant from the American Physical Society to offset costs to attend the conference.

The annual conference is the largest gathering of atomic, molecular, and optical physicists in the world, and this meeting was the 50th anniversary of the yearly event.  At least three Nobel prize winners in physics attended and spoke at the conference, including William D. Phillips, Dave Wineland, and Eric Cornell.  In addition to Dario, Andrew Clickard, freshman physics major and honors program participant, and Dario's research advisor Dr. John Huckans, professor of physics, attended the event.

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