Wednesday, June 5, 2019

EGGS 330 trip to Southern California

Ten students just returned from an exciting two-week trip to Southern California as part of their Special Topics in Field Geology (EGGS 330) course.  They were accompanied by Dr. Cindy Venn, Dr. Jen Whisner, and Dr. John Hintz. This trip came after a one-week classroom experience where the students created topic posters that they would present "live" during the trip. The posters included "Rainbow Basin", "Solar Power" (presented outside the Ivapah solar power plant, the largest in the US), "Joshua Tree Landscapes", and others.  Included in the trip were visits to Anza-Borrego Desert, Crystal Cove State Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Mojave Desert.

Rock lessons in the spectacular Rainbow Basin Natural Area (Bureau of Land Management).

EGGS students taking notes aside the Ivanpah CSP solar facility, the largest in the United States!

Their journey was documented on the BU Geography, Geosciences, & EGGS Alumni and Friends Facebook page.  One post stated....
"Slot canyon hikes are so fun! They start out pretty nondescript, almost like hiking in a deep gully, then they get deeper and narrower until you are enveloped by the narrow slow canyon walls. Great fun and cool geology at "The Slot," in Anza Borrego State Park, CA, with EGG 330."

Another post detailed an interaction with a BU alum...
"How's this for cool? We got to meet up with BU EGGS geography and planning alum (2011) Dan Goldbacher , who is now Director of Maritime Programs at the Ocean Institute in beautiful Dana Point, CA. Dan met with the class and told us about all the good work that the Ocean Institute is doing to educate the public about the history and ecology of our oceans. Not a bad place to work! So great to see our alums out in cg the world, healthy, happy, and doing great work. Great seeing you, Dan, and thanks for taking the time to meet up with us!"
BU Alum Dan Goldbacher '11, Director of Maritime Programs at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA

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