Thursday, February 14, 2019

Recent Publications, Poster Presentations and Talks by COST Faculty

Joseph Andreacci, professor of Exercise Science, and Patricia Sullivan, recent Master's in Exercise Science graduate, published a communication, “Evaluation of multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis for the assessment of body composition in individuals with obesity in Obesity Science & Practice. This work was a collaboration with scientists from Geisinger, Lock Haven and Louisiana State University.

Barry Minemyer, assistant professor of MADS, recently published a paper, "Real hyperbolic hyperplane complements in the complex hyperbolic plane" in Advances in Mathematics (AIM). AIM was ranked 15th out of all "general math" journals last year by impact factor. Dr. Minemeyer also gave a seminar talk on this paper at Temple University.

Sheila Hartung, professor of Nursing, recently published two papers with graduate students in NASN School Nurse. The first was with Amy Kowalski (graduated summer 2018), “Are Body Mass Index Screening Programs in Schools Enough? Body Mass Index Notification, Follow-up, and School Nurse Roleand the second was with Tanya Laudenslager, “The limping child: Could it be Lyme arthritis?” 

Hartzell, S.M., adjunct faculty member in BAHS published a paper entitled “A Bilaterally Partitioned Colour Variant of an Appalachian Brook Crayfish (Cambarus bartonii bartonii) from eastern Pennsylvania in The Canadian Field-Naturalist. These studies were completed while Sean was a Biology graduate student at Bloomsburg University.

Eric Kahn, associate professor of MADS, recently published a paper entitled “Teaching History of Mathematics: A Dialogue in the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. This work was in collaboration a mathematician at the University of Kentucky.

Mehdi Razzaghi, professor of MADS, recently published a paper entitled, “Bayesian Model Averaging for Benchmark Dose Analysis in Developmental Toxicology”, in Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences. This work was done in collaboration with a mathematician at University of Bahrain. Dr. Razzaghi also gave a presentation in the Department of Environmental Health, Medical University of Silesia, Poland entitled, “Risk Assessment in Environmental Health Analysis."

Poster Presentations and Talks
Patricia Lawton, Assistant Professor in CSD and gave a poster presentation with Jennifer Alberti (Director of Speech, Hearing, and Language Clinic) presented a poster at the annual convention for the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) in Boston, MA. The poster entitled "No, Please Stay! Parents' and Family Perceptions of Involvement in Speech Therapy at a University Clinic", presented findings from a qualitative study that explored the perceptions of family members' involvement in therapy sessions at the clinic. Speech-Language Pathology graduate assistants Ashley Bievenour, Alexandra DePalma, Ashley Flederbach, and Natalie Wardrop were also involved with the project.

Kevin Ferland, professor of MADS, recently gave a talk entitled, “Advancing Results in Maximum Toughness” at a joint meeting of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Ferland spoke about his work on finding communication network designs that are maximally resistant to node failures that he conducted while on sabbatical (Fall 2017).

Cheryl Jackson, assistant professor in nursing, recently gave a presentation on implicit bias and its effect on delivery entitled, "Bias. Who Me?" at the annual Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (PACNP) conference.

Barry Minemyer, Assistant Professor in MADS, recently have a presentation entitled, “Real hyperbolic hyperplane complements in the complex hyperbolic plane” at a joint meeting of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in Baltimore, MD.

Andrea Fradkin, Associate Professor and Chair of Exercise Science, was quoted in an article published in BBC News online on February 5, 2019, that focused on how the biomechanics of the golf swing may be leading to back injury in golfers. Fradkin was also interviewed on this topic on February 5, 2019 by London radio station LOVE SPORT Radio, on the Brian Moore Show at Drive Time, and by BBC Radio Sport Today on February 6, 2019.

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