Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Grossology Lab: Rat Dissection at the Children's Museum

Dr. Venditti, Dr. Hess, Rachael Ryver, Liz Kester, Maria Morgante, Taylor Lightner, and Stephen Tapsak
Bloomsburg University Biology Club members were at the Children’s Museum in Bloomsburg on Saturday, February 9, 2019, for "Grossology Lab: Rat Dissection." The advertisement stated, "Get hands-on with Bloomsburg University's Biology Club for a one-hour grossology activity using real scientists' equipment."  Five BU students, Liz Kester, Taylor Lightner, Maria Morgante, Rachael Ryver, and Stephen Tapsak, volunteered their time to present two sessions of the lab.  Dr. Angela Hess and Dr. Jennifer Venditti, co-advisors of the club and BAHS faculty members, also participated. 

The lesson began with a worksheet that introduced the students to the different body cavities and systems in the body.  The students used the rat dissection guide to identify organs, such as the spleen, small intestine, liver, etc.  After reviewing the answers, it was the time that everyone was waiting for....real rat dissection!  The Biology Club members cut into the rats, and then helped the children identify the different organs.  This was a hands-on activity, in which the children themselves cut out the different organs and even used a ruler to measure the length of the small intestine. 

The Biology Club travels to the Bloomsburg Children's Museum 2-3 times a year to present these scientific investigations.  Their next event is "Grossology Lab: Fetal Pig Dissection" on April 13, 2019.  Contact the Children's Museum (www.the-childrens-museum.org) to register.

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