Friday, January 25, 2019

EGGS Professor Featured in Environmental Catastrophes Video

Dr. Cindy Venn, professor of EGGS, was recently featured on a program titled, "Massive Engineering Mistakes" that aired on the Discovery Channel.  The episode includes the Chicago Flood, Pennsylvania Coal Fire (Centralia), Hemsby, England coastal region and Canfranc railway in Spain.

 Dr. Venn can be seen starting at the 27:30 time mark speaking about the Centralia coal fire.  She journeys into the Ashland Pioneer Tunnel to talk about the densely packed seams of coal and explain how the fire can spread sequentially through the veins of coal.  Dr. Venn then talks about the vent pipes, installed around 1981 that were used to take noxious gases away from the town of Centralia.  She then explains how attempts to install non-combustible barriers to keep the fire from spreading were unsuccessful. 

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