Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Building a Better Birdhouse

What did you do on your winter break? Dr. Lauri Green, Graduate student Victoria Roper , and undergraduates Brooke Ritter and Ashley Bent have been busy building bird houses. The bird houses will be used in Victoria's master's thesis research on the effects of acid mine drainage on insect-eating birds in Pennsylvania streams. Check out the photos below for bird house building in action!
~ from http://bloomsburgbiosynthesis.blogspot.com/

Check out the front page of Jan 29, 2019 issue of the Press Enterprise for an article on this project!

Victoria and Dr. Green with the finished product

Brooke Ritter installing a birdhouse

Dr. Green, "master sander"

Brooke and Ashley at work!

A LOT of birdhouses

Victoria Roper in the field.

Dr. Green and the finished product.

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