Thursday, December 6, 2018

Recent Publications and Grants

Recent Publications
Erik Larsen, assistant professor in Chemistry, recently published a paper, “Microbial esterases and ester prodrugs: An unlikely marriage for combating antibiotic resistance” in Drug Development Research. This work was a collaboration with a chemist at Butler University.

John Pohill, professor of mathematical and digital sciences, recently published a paper, “Relative and almost linking systems”, in Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics. This work was a collaboration with mathematicians from University of Richmond and Sam Huston State University.

Robert Aronstam, Dean of the College of Science and Technology, recently published a paper, “Intracellular Delivery of Nanoparticles Mediated by LactoferricinCell-Penetrating Peptides in an Endocytic Pathway“ in Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. This work was a collaboration with scientists from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan and Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Shaheen Awan, professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, recently published a paper, “A Two-Stage Cepstral Analysis Procedure for the Classification of Rough Voices” in Journal of Voice. This work was a collaboration with a statistician at Penn State University.

Ben Franek, Assistant Professor in EGGS, recently published a paper, “Glyptemys insculpta (Wood Turtle). Rail trail nesting challenges” in Herpetological Review with recent BU graduate Morgan Ruziecki.

Barry Minemyer, assistant professor of MADS, recently published a paper, "Real hyperbolic hyperplane complements in the complex hyperbolic plane" in the journal Advances in Mathematics (AIM).

Matthew Polinksi, assistant professor of Chemistry, recently published a paper, “Synthesis, Characterization, and Structural Comparisons of the First Neodymium(III) Sulfite-Acetate Crystal Structure” in Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie (Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry). This work was in collaboration with scientists from Creighton University.

The following Research and Scholarship Grants were awarded to COST faculty from the Bloomsburg University Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for January 1, 2019 through February 28, 2020.

Clay Corbin, BAHS: “Mosquito Surveillance and Documentation of Bycatch in Ruffed Grouse Habitats”, $3500

George Davis, BAHS: “Analysis of the AvsYS1 Gene Functionality Using Yeast, Arabidopsis, and Tomato”, $3300

William Schwindinger, BAHS: “Targeted Disruption of a G-protein Gamma-Subunit Gene in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells”, $3500

Angela Hess, BAHS: “Associating melanoma tumor cell plasticity with resistance to clinically relevant MAPK inhibitors”, $3500

Daniel McCurry, Chemistry and Biochemistry: “Template-Free Nanofabrication Of High Surface Area Electrodes”, $3500

Erik Larsen, Chemistry and Biochemistry: “Synthesis and Design of Novel Enzyme Probes for Mycobacterial Hydrolases”, $3500

Joseph Andreacci, Kyle Beyer, and Luke Haile, Exercise Science: “Influence of Testing Sequence on the Ability to Achieve Anaerobic Power and Aerobic Power in Adults” $3,041

Scott Inch, MADS and Scott Duncan, Criminal Justice: “Protecting Peaceful Protests: Exploring a Digital Early Warning Violence Prevention Strategy”, $3,357

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