Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 BU Science Iditarod

Overall 1st Place Team from Berwick Area "Berwick Blue"
Today, Bloomsburg University hosted the 2017 Bloomsburg University Science Iditarod. Local high schools sent teams of four students to compete in the quiz competition. Four separate quiz rounds consisted of questions from the Geosciences, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This year 20 teams participated from 11 different schools including one homeschool group.
Winners were recognized in each category with a plaque.  The homeschool team “Brutum Fulmen”, consisting of Sam Bringman, Sophie Bringman, Stephen Tapsak and Corina Shanahan won both the  Geosciences and Biology rounds.  The Wyoming Area “WA Gold” team, consisting of Peter Butera, Kelli Skok, Anthony Nardell and Alex Ambruso won the Chemistry round. The Berwick Area “Berwick White”, consisting of Roopesh Kumar, Jacob Demler, Justin Filbert, and Olivia Lombardi won the Physics round with the highest score in recent memory. 
3rd place overall, Geosciences and Biology winner Homeschool group "Brutum Flumen"

Chemistry winner Wyoming Area "WA Gold"
Physics winner Berwick Area "Berwick White"
The points earned in each round were tallied and the top two teams advanced to the Super Round where the overall winner would be crowned. This year, two teams had the same number of points, so a playoff was conducted before the Super Round. The overall 3rd place winner was the homeschool team “Brutum Fulmen” the overall 2nd place winner was Wyoming Area “WA Green”, consisting of Ryan Shuleski, Robert Butwin, Skyler Stantacroce, and Joseph Bender.  The overall 1st place winner was Berwick Area “Berwick Blue” team consisting of Erik Mazonkey, Austin McLaughlin, Justin Groshek and Dylan Michael. Each of the top 3 teams won a trophy, individual medals and a $1000 scholarship to Bloomsburg University for each team member. Bloomsburg University is proud to sponsor this event to encourage high school students in the sciences and plans to offer the contest again next year.
2nd place overall winner Wyoming Area "WA Green"

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