Thursday, August 13, 2020

Scholarship and Recognition - Dr. Adrian Van Rythoven, Department of EGGS



Adrian Van Rythoven, assistant professor of environmental, geographical, and geological sciences, has his article, “Ultramafic xenoliths from the 1.15 Ga Certac kimberlite, eastern Superior Craton, []” published in the The Canadian Mineralogist (2020) 58 (2): 267-286. Co-authors are Daniel Schulze and Donald Davis. Kimberlite is a type of volcanic rock originating from depths of more than 100 miles within the Earth. It is best known for bringing up crystals of diamond, but also contains useful, otherwise inaccessible, samples of other types mantle rock (xenoliths). Examining these xenoliths allows for us to learn about deep Earth processes. Age-dating the kimberlite allows us to construct the history of those processes that have built the Earth over time.

Retrieved from Onward at BU 8/13/2020

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