Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Scholarship and Recognition - Dr. Matthew Polinski, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Matthew Polinski, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, had a recent publication (published June 23, 2020) in the American Chemical Society journal Inorganic Chemistry which features three chemistry and biochemistry alumni as co-authors (Kristi Brittain ’17, Todd Poe ’18, and Natasha Brenner ’20) and collaborators from Creighton and Florida State University. The paper is titled "Trivalent f-Element Squarates, Squarate-Oxalates, and Cationic Materials, and the Determination of the Nine-Coordinate Ionic Radius of Cf(III)."  In this work, they prepared new materials containing the radioactive elements, Americium and Californium, the latter of which is the last element on the Periodic Table for which bulk/large scale chemistry can be performed. They were also able to calculate, for the first time ever, the ionic radius of Cf(III) in a nine-coordinate environment. This publication was made possible by our recent acquisition of the Bruker D8 Quest single crystal x-ray diffractometer.

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