Sunday, February 16, 2020

2019 COST Faculty Recognition Awards

Shown from left: Shelley Scarpino, John Riley, Eric Kahn, Barry Minemeyer, Biswajit Ray,
and Cynthia Venn.
The College of Science and Technology is proud to announce the 2019 Faculty Recognition Awards.  The award winners are Dr. Barry Minemyer and Dr. Cynthia Venn for teaching, Dr. Eric Kahn and Dr. Shelley Scarpino for scholarly activity, and Dr. Biswajit Ray and Dr. John Riley for service.

 Barry Minemyer (Mathematical and Digital Sciences)
Dr. Minemyer’s nominator highlighted the grace and skill with which Dr. Minemyer teaches his classes. Whether it be Gen Ed Courses like Math Thinking or College Algebra or STEM major courses like Calculus, Linear Algebra, or Real Analysis, Minemyer has impressed his colleagues and engaged his students. Dr. Minemyer has received praise-worthy student evaluations for preparation, enthusiasm, and instructor evaluation, even in Gen Ed courses like College Algebra. Minemyer continues to put student success at the forefront by developing online courses, teaching upper-level independent studies as needed, and working with underprepared students to improve their placement. His efforts are highly commendable for someone so early in his career at BU.

Cynthia Venn (Environment, Geographical, and Geological Sciences)
Dr. Venn’s nominator used one word to describe her: INDEFATIGABLE. Even after 23 years at BU, Dr. Venn remains an adamant advocate for student field experiences. From the Everglades to coastal California, Venn will take her students where the educational action is. Friday afternoons or spring break trips….Dr. Venn is ready with her legendary Wetlands Ecology course. And Dr. Venn has always returned with the class “field prepared”, mostly intact, and all accounted for. Venn's name is repeatedly mentioned during student exit interviews at the professor having an intensely positive effect on student’s time at BU. Her efforts to prepare our students for success are greatly appreciated.

Eric Kahn (Mathematical and Digital Sciences)
Dr. Kahn’s scholarship truly epitomizes the Teaching Scholar model and his efforts were recognized by his nominators for their scholarly depth and quality. His nominators highlighted his shifting research emphases toward accessibility of mathematics to undergraduate students and toward bolstering Inquiry-Based Learning. Kahn has published a paper on the teaching history of mathematics and a textbook that teaches mathematics and statistics through the lens of sports. He has additionally taught an invited mini-course at the 2019 Joint Mathematical Conference. He has also been an attendee and presenter at international and national conferences related to his ever-expanding research interests in the mathematics field.

Shelley Scarpino (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
Dr. Scarpino’s nominator highlighted her impactful research on communication and pre-literacy skills in children of diverse backgrounds and are at risk for poor academic outcomes. She published two papers in 2019, has one manuscript pending revisions, and another four manuscripts under review. Her research also includes six international and fifteen national presentations. She also engages students with research, with seven BU co-presenters on the aforementioned presentations. Scarpino also is a Co-PI on a 1.4 million dollar grant and her research future shines bright as her research scope broadens via local school collaborations.

Biswajit Ray (Physics and Engineering Technology)
Dr. Ray’s nominators highlight his dedicated and high-quality service to his department, COST, and BU. Ray has taken the lead role in maintaining the Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program accreditation by ABET, which will continue for another 6 years. The process is rigorous and requires a dedicated and organized leader to collect and process the self-study and follow-up reports. ABET also recognized our EET program as one of the best they have ever evaluated. Ray also relentlessly pursues new industrial members to the EET Industrial Advisory Board and manages the Co-Op program. Through accreditation and his other service efforts, Ray keeps our student success in the forefront and opportunities beyond graduation.

John Riley (Mathematical and Digital Sciences)
Dr. Riley’s nominator noted his long-standing and impactful service to the COST and the university. His largest commitment is that of BUCC chair. He is the “go to” person for all curricular matter and readily lends his talents as a keen eye for curriculum matters. He has also shown great leadership as the coordinator for the Digital Forensics program that has blossomed and now garnered national recognition. Riley gladly takes on many “behind the scenes” roles in in DF so that his colleagues can do the “glamorous” things. Riley has also served on Middle States Working Groups, General Education Task Forces, Distance Education Committees. For all his efforts, Riley has been a positive role model and shining example of collegiality and fairness across our campus community.


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