Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology (PAA) 26th Annual Convention

Dr. Jill McClelland, students Chelsea Hoy, Jamie Daigle, and Miranda Mikelson, and Dr. Joseph Motzko
Dr. Jim Zeigler, Dr. Nicole Balliet, Dr. Jill McClelland,
Dr. Renee Monahan, Dr. Joseph Motzko, and Dr. Lucy Corbin

Audiologists and students from all over the state came together to learn and hear from nationally renown researchers, educators, and industry professionals at the Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology (PAA) 26th Annual Convention in Lancaster, PA.  Attendees included Bloomsburg University graduates Dr. Jim Zeigler, Dr. Nicole Balliet (Secretary of PAA), Dr. Jill McClelland (President Elect of PAA), Dr. Renee Monahan, Dr. Joseph Motzko (Vice President of Membership of PAA), and Dr. Lucy Corbin (Past President of PAA). Current Bloomsburg University graduate students Chelsea Hoy, Jamie Daigle, and Miranda Mikelson also attended. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is one of three accredited universities in Pennsylvania to grant Doctor of Audiology degrees. The other two are Salus University and the University of Pittsburgh.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology represents the "Voice of Audiology" within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The academy is the only state organization that is truly dedicated to meet the need of audiologists. The academy was started in 1991 by ten audiologists from all parts of the Commonwealth and now has a membership of over 140 audiologists.

The Academy is a professional organization of university-trained audiologists practicing in a variety of settings within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and adjacent states. PAA audiologists are dedicated to serving all people with hearing problems. The Academy promotes the profession of audiology as an autonomous profession to serve the hearing health care needs of all people. Further, the Academy fosters the ability of our members to achieve their career and professional objectives, provides quality continuing educational experiences, promotes public and consumer awareness of hearing problems and solutions to improve hearing, and advocates the profession of audiology to regulatory agencies and legislatures in the Pennsylvania general assembly.

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