Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Solar Tracking Interactive Kiosk

Dr. Nathaniel Greene
Nathaniel Greene, professor of physics and engineering, and Jeffrey Brunskill, associate professor of environmental, geographical and geological sciences, have published an article, “Design of a solar tracking interactive kiosk,” in the January 2017 issue of Physics Education.

Dr. Greene and Dr. Brunskill worked with an interdisiplinary team of students to design a two-axis solar tracker and an energy-themed interactive kiosk between Ben Franklin Hall and Hartline Science Center on the Bloomsburg University Campus.  The objective of the project was to "develop an infrastructure that would increase the presence of renewable energy technologies on campus and provide users with a tangible opportunity to learn about the benefits and limitations of solar energy."

Dr. Jeffery Brunskill
Solar panel output is monitored in real time and displayed to the public with lights and digits. A touchscreen display allows kiosk visitors to compare two solar panels: one panel tracks the sun automatically, while the other panel can be steered by users. This project was a capstone experience for students in physics/engineering, computer science, and instructional technology.
Energy Education Kiosk

Nathaniel R Greene and Jeffrey C Brunskill 2017 Phys. Educ. 52 015022

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